LG 55VSM5J-H 3×2 Videowall 0.8 mm

55VSM5J-H 3x2

Samsung 3x2 Videowall composed with VSM5J-H. Full HD screen with anti-glare, 500-nit brightness and intuitive UI for high standards of performance and scaling.


Price: 16.006,00 € + vat

Exports are VAT free within the EEC to VAT registered buyers.

Or starting from 492,98€ + vat for 36 months with Grenke

Warranty 3 years Certified warranty


Preconfigured Videowall composed with six LG 55VSM5J-H monitors.

nnThe VSM5J-H series offers total immersiveness thanks to its ultra slim 0.8 mm frame, showing content as it is in the original image without any distortion. These video walls include an image enhancement algorithm that reduces the gaps between side-by-side images during video playback, resulting in a smooth, realistic and distortion-free end result. Another strength of this series is the wide viewing angle that allows for vivid colors without distortion from any point of view. Finally, depending on the content, the colour temperature can be easily adjusted using a remote control.

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