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Access to the pages of the Visionbox website (“”, hereinafter the “Site”), implies acceptance of the following Terms of Use by the user.


The Site is owned by Codemedia snc di Lari Filippo & C. (hereinafter “Codemedia”), VAT no. 02641190414, with registered office at Viale Napoli, 83, 61121 Pesaro (PU), Pesaro Business Register no. 198044.

The Site has information and e-commerce purposes.

By accessing or using the services on the Site, the user accepts these Terms of Use. If the user does not accept, they must not use the Site.

Codemedia invites users of the Site to periodically consult these Terms of Use and the other sections of the Site such as the Privacy Policy, the Cookie Policy and the Conditions of Sale to check for any updates or changes.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

Codemedia is the exclusive owner of the content of the Site, including but not limited to the copy, text, documents, images, logos, photographs, page layout, design, know-how and products offered for sale; some of this content may be covered by copyright, trademarks, patents, models and/or other industrial and intellectual property rights recognised by Italian and international law. None of the content on this Site may be considered or interpreted as having been licensed to any subject by Codemedia or as being subject to any other right of use by users and/or third parties.

Therefore, the intellectual property rights relating to the Site, the Visionbox Brand, the Codemedia brand or the content of the Site are and remain the exclusive property of Codemedia or its licensors.

The Customer is expressly prohibited from copying, modifying or creating any works or content derived from or based on the Site, its content, any trademarks present on the Site or on the software.

The Customer is expressly prohibited from downloading, copying, reproducing, duplicating or otherwise using or disseminating the Codemedia and Visionbox trademark, trade name, logo, icon or other distinctive sign relating to Codemedia or Visionbox or their products.

Use of the Site

The e-commerce services offered on the Site are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Users are authorised to download, view or print Site content for personal and non-commercial purposes only and in accordance with this contract, in such a way as to avoid any infringement of the industrial and intellectual property rights of Codemedia.

The contents of the Site may in no case be used for other purposes, including but not limited to their distribution, modification, reproduction, transmission or dissemination, without the prior written consent of Codemedia.

The User may not in any way modify or vary the editing, graphics, layout or “look and feel” of any web page within the Site, as such elements are defined by or on behalf of Codemedia at its sole discretion.

Codemedia has the right to include its own trademarks, trade name, logo, icon or other distinctive sign of Visionbox or Codemedia or third parties and to include advertising banners, hyperlinks or other forms of advertising at its sole discretion on each web page within the Site.

The Customer shall not exploit or use the Site or any Content in such a way as to cause harm to Codemedia, Visionbox or any third party. In particular, the Customer shall not use the Site or its content to perform any competing activity or to otherwise cause harm or prejudice to the interests including financial interests, or to the image of Codemedia, Visionbox, other customers or third parties.

If the Customer is permitted to post comments or opinions about Products, Services or functions made available through the Site, the Customer shall ensure that any such comments or opinions refer specifically to the activities of the economic operator mentioned in the comment and shall refer to specific facts and circumstances. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Codemedia reserves the right not to disseminate, to remove from the Site or to modify without prior notice, any content posted by the Customer of which it has become aware, as well as any other content published in any form by a third party that constitutes or may constitute a violation of this Contract, of mandatory laws or rights of third parties or in cases where Codemedia believes in good faith that such information or content constitutes a violation of this Contract or the law.

The Customer shall indemnify Codemedia in respect of any claim or legal action brought or threatened against Codemedia by any third party as a result of the use of the Site or its functions by the Customer in violation of this article or of any other provision of this Contract.


The Registered Customer is responsible for the conservation and appropriate use of all email addresses, usernames, nicknames and passwords used to connect to the Site and must take all necessary measures to ensure that usernames and passwords are used properly, kept secret and not disclosed to any unauthorised person.

The Registered Customer is responsible for any activity carried out on their account and is liable for any damages resulting from the improper use of their access credentials by a third party.

The Registered Customer must immediately inform Codemedia if there are reasons to believe that a username (i.e. email) or password is, or is likely to be, known to someone not authorised to use them or if it is likely they have been used in an unauthorised manner.

If a Registered Customer forgets or loses their username, they must contact Codemedia and carry out the security checks required by Codemedia.

Codemedia reserves the right to suspend the username (or email address), nickname and password for access to the Site, if it believes that there is – or is likely to be – a security problem or unauthorised use of the credentials.

The Registered Customer is responsible for the truthfulness of the information and personal data provided at the time of registration. The Registered Customer must immediately inform Codemedia of any change to the information and personal data provided at the time of registration, or change their login credentials immediately to ensure that such information and personal data are up-to-date, accurate, complete and truthful at all times. If false, inaccurate or incomplete data are provided or if Codemedia has justified grounds to believe that they have been, Codemedia shall have the right to prevent the Registered Customer in question from using the Site.

Documents and materials sent to the Site

Any information relating to personal data submitted to the Site electronically by users will be processed in full compliance with the applicable laws and the Data Processing Policy provided by Codemedia (see Privacy Policy).

Codemedia would like to receive comments, suggestions and opinions from users of the Site. However, Codemedia does not accept any material sent through the Site apart from content that has expressly been requested. Codemedia reserves the right to use freely and at its own discretion, in any form and manner and therefore also for promotional and commercial purposes, any material received

through the Site, even if not requested, but without assuming any obligation in that regard towards the user sending such material.

It is in any case forbidden for users to upload, distribute or otherwise disseminate through the Site any illegal, obscene or defamatory material and/or content that violates rights relating to personal data or is abusive or otherwise unlawful, and/or any material or content that may constitute a crime or induce any person to commit a crime, and/or that violates any provision of law or right of Codemedia and/or of a third party, or any material that may in any way harm the image and good name of Codemedia.


Without prejudice to the Terms and Conditions of Sale, the products on the Site are supplied “as is” in the condition in which they exist. Codemedia provides no express or implied warranty about the fact of whether or not the Site and its content corresponds to users’ expectations about the continuity of the service or the absence and/or immediate rectification of errors.

Certain products may be presented by or in combination with images or graphic reproductions whose purpose is purely illustrative.


Users accessing the Site do so independently and at their own risk. It is expressly agreed that Codemedia declines all and any liability for any loss or harm suffered in any way by the users as a result of the access, use or downloading of any material for any reason from this Site, including viruses, malware and other malicious electronic content.

Codemedia may at any time interrupt or suspend any service provided through the Site, without accepting any responsibility or obligation of any kind in relation to such suspension or interruption of services provided through the Site resulting from actions or omissions by Codemedia or by a third party.

Codemedia is not liable for the content of any other website that may be accessible via links or multimedia connections on the Site and it is agreed that such connections are only provided to allow the users to access more comprehensive information.

Users are not allowed to create links or connections to the Site without the prior written consent of Codemedia.

Information provided pursuant to Italian Law 62/2001

The contents of this Site are not periodic and do not represent an “editorial product”. The party responsible for management and control of the Site content is Codemedia snc di Lari Filippo & C..

The content controls only pertain to the content published directly on the Site and do not include any links to other websites.

Contact information

For any information regarding the use of the Site and these Terms of Use, you may contact Customer Service at the following addresses:

Codemedia s.n.c. di Filippo Lari & c. Viale Napoli, 83 -61121 Pesaro (PU) VAT No. IT02641190414

Tel.: 0721/1626262 Email: Certified email:

Governing law and dispute resolution

These Terms of Use and the use of the Site are governed by the laws of Italy, excluding the application of the rules of private international law.

Any dispute relating to the Site, its use and its contents shall be governed by the laws of Italy. The sole venue shall be the court in the place of Codemedia’s registered office.

Other provisions

Without prejudice to the Terms of Sale, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, these Terms of Use represent the entire agreement between Codemedia and the user of the Site in reference to its use. Any other terms and conditions applied by Codemedia with respect to relations with users of the Site will be considered as additional to these Terms and Conditions.

Should any of these provisions be cancelled or declared null and void or otherwise not applicable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.