You can get the VisionboxPro system, including training and support.

Take a look of our 3 pricing plans. Different service level and functionalities to meet the needs of every business targets.

Easy Business Enterprise



This plan is no longer available

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€  40 /month


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VisionPanel Easy Standard Business Plus Enterprise Plus
VisionPlayer Easy € 249 each Business Included (Celeron) Enterprise Included
VisionPlayer Swop Easy Business Enterprise
VisionboxAdd Easy Business Enterprise
Interactivity / Touch screen Easy Business Enterprise
Custom Template Easy Business € 500 Enterprise Included
Monitoring Easy Business Auto Enterprise Auto + Manual
Multi User Easy 1 Business 5 Enterprise Unlimited
VisionCare Easy Standard Business Standard Enterprise Priority
Training Easy 4 TrainingCoin Business 8 TrainingCoin Enterprise 16 TrainingCoin
Service level agreement Easy 16h Business 8h Enterprise 4h
Storage Easy 1GB Business 10GB Enterprise Unlimited
Cloud Easy Shared Business Shared Enterprise Dedicated (on request)

Are all the devices in the same building?



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Building Plus
Building Included (Celeron)
VisionPlayer Swop
Interactivity/Touch screen
Custom template
Building € 500
Building Auto
Multi User
Building 5
Building Standard
Building 8 TrainingCoin
Service level agreement
Building 8h
Building 10GB
Building Shared


Prices are for each VisionPlayer requested, annual subscription, VAT excluded

VisionPanel Base

Modules: Smart Slider, Date&Time, Weather, Scrolling text, Stocks, Youtube Playlist
Templates: Portrait, Landscape
Touch monitors and totems: Not supported

VisionPanel Plus

Modules: All
Templates: Portrait, Landscape, Ledwall, Videowall
Touch monitors and totems: Supported (Richiede VisionPlayer i3)


Intel NUC with Celeron CPU, i3 o i5
4GB Ram | 120GB SSD

VisionPlayer Swop

Replacement within 24h in case of malfunction of the device and simultaneous withdrawal of the defective one.


Standard: support of our operators for the use of the product in all its functionalities (excluding content uploading).
Priority: standard assistance with priority.


Your Digital Signage system evolution: Line Manager, Face Recognition, Digital Shelf, People Count, Self POS (required hardware or additional license).

Interactivity / Touch Screen

VisionboxPro in Business and Enterprise plans allows you to create and distribute interactive experiences for your touch monitors or multimedia totems such as: Info Point, Survey, Lead Generation, Flipchart Catalogs, etc.

Multi User

Multi-user access to VisionPanel, with permission control, to better manage the functionalities control.

Custom template

Creation of a custom template based on company’s preferences included in the Enterprise plan (Business € 300).


The tokens you need to get basic or advanced training on using VisionPanel
1 TrainingCoin = 0.5 h Training
1 TrainingCoin = € 35 + VAT
Annual renewal receive 1 TrainingCoin each active license
The max number of TraningCoin collectable is the predefined for the plan


VisionboxPro offers two different levels of Digital Signage network monitoring
Automatic is integrated in our VisionPanel and shows if the player is connected
Manual is carried out everyday by the help desk who check the status of the devices in the network

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement is the number of maximum working hours by which our help desk will take care of your support request from the alert.


Dedicated: extra costs may occur