All the products are covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty, according to the terms illustrated in the documentation contained in the product packaging.

The purchase of material from Codemedia implies full acceptance of the terms of the warranty provided by the producers of the goods, both in terms of warranty period and management. The Customer is therefore aware that the purchased goods are guaranteed by the manufacturer under the conditions provided by the latter. The Customer therefore accepts, without any reservation, all the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The product warranty will be recognized from the date of issue of the purchase invoice and will remain valid for the full period indicated by the manufacturer.

In any case, the warranty does not include any product that:

  • is subject to a direct warranty from the manufacturer or authorized service centre, and which cannot be handled under warranty by Codemedia;
  • was not purchased from or through Codemedia;
  • shows signs of tampering on the label, including the serial and/or part number;
  • is damaged due to incorrect use, attempts to repair and/or modify the product and/or tampering by unauthorized personnel;
  • is damaged due to having been accidentally dropped or knocked during transport.