55″ Moai TopShine Multimedia Showcase Totem


Impressive design and excellent performance for your 24/7 Digital Signage.


Dimensions (W×H×D) 835 x 2000 x 149 mm
Brightness 2500 nit
Resolution 1920x1080 (FullHD)
Operativity time 24/7
Touch screen No
Ventilazione Yes

Customize product

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Custom RAL color

Multimedia totem powder-coated in a colour of your choice from the RAL scale


Customised pvc sticker printing and application.


4 x lockable castors for easy repositioning of the totem.




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instantPlay Slide

Our digital signage player plays images and videos in sequence and allows content management both locally and via cloud Discover more.

instantPlay Web

Our digital signage player allows users to upload sites or web apps in kiosk mode Discover more.

Mini PC Win10 (i3)

Asus Nuc Mini PC set up as: Windows 11 Pro, Intel i3 + 16GB Ram + SSD 240GB

Mini PC Win10 (i5)

Asus Nuc Mini PC set up as: Windows 11 Pro, Intel i5 + 16GB Ram + SSD 240GB





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Several models of webcams with different resolution and focal length.


Stereo speakers, adjustable volume, 20w power.


Directional mono microphone.

QrCode Reader

Classic barcodes and QR codes opticon reader.

Smartcard reader

Different types of card readers can be inserted (smart card with chip, magnetic stripe reader on card). Please, indicate what type of reader you would like to implement.






Price: 4.544,00 € + vat

Price: 4.090,00 € + vat

Exports are VAT free within the EEC to VAT registered buyers.

Shipping Availability delivery within 20 days

Or starting from 132,03€ + vat for 36 months with Grenke

Warranty 1 year Certified warranty


The totems in the TopShine series, made entirely of steel with customisable paintwork, combine functionality and elegance. With 24/7 performance and a vertically installed high-brightness LCD screen, they are visually impressive and ideal for window display. They are also equipped with a forced ventilation system to prevent overheating.

In addition, they are equipped with holes that allow them to be securely anchored to the ground. Alternatively, they can be fitted with a self-supporting support plate (optional). There is a rear compartment for storing minipcs with a security lock.

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