Monitor Touch Outdoor Landscape 22″ Moai Safe


22" Moai Safe outdoor touch monitor with Full HD resolution and steel box to protect your Digital Signage system 24/7.


Dimensions (W×H×D) 598 x 360 x 111 mm
Brightness 1000 nit
Resolution 1920x1080 (FullHD)
Touch screen Yes

Price: 3.173,00 € + vat

Exports are VAT free within the EEC to VAT registered buyers.

Or starting from 102,42€ + vat for 36 months with Grenke

Warranty 1 years Certified warranty


The Moai Safe outdoor touch monitor features a steel box that provides maximum protection from water and dust. There is also 6mm laminated safety glass that defends your display from vandalism and damage due to overheating. Another strength of the Moai Safes is the reprogrammable lock. So you can replace the current key with a completely different one without having to change the entire lock. Ideal for large public areas such as airports, stations and stadiums.

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