Monitor 37” Samsung Stretched Full HD


Stretched monitor, with 24/7 performance Digital Signage.


Consumption (max) 70 W
Dimensions (W×H×D) 923.3 x 277.6 x 44.8 mm
Brightness 700 nit
Max Temperature 0° ~ 40° C
Resolution 1920x540 (HD)
Operativity time 24/7
Touch screen No
Vesa Mount 400 x 200 mm

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Mini PC Win10 (i3)

Asus Nuc Mini PC set up as: Windows 11 Pro, Intel i3 + 16GB Ram + SSD 240GB

Mini PC Win10 (i5)

Asus Nuc Mini PC set up as: Windows 11 Pro, Intel i5 + 16GB Ram + SSD 240GB





Price: 1.355,00 € + vat

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Shipping Availability delivery within 5 days

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Warranty 3 years Certified warranty


Samsung’s SH37C monitor is the perfect choice if you are looking for excellent visual performance and a slim, attractive design. With its flexible orientation and good brightness level, the SH37R-B monitor adapts perfectly to any situation, ensuring continuous performance and moderate power consumption. In addition, the stretched display manages to make the best use of available space, being able to effectively communicate information even in tight spaces.

  • Display image
    Contrast 4000:1
    Diagonal (in inches) 37"
    Brightness 700 nit
    Resolution 1920x540 (HD)
    Touch screen No
  • Mechanical specs
    Power supply AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
    Consumption (typ.) 52 W
    Consumption (sleep) < 0.5 W
    Package Weight 8.8 kg
    Unit weight 6.3 kg
    Max Temperature 0° ~ 40° C
    Operativity time 24/7
    Response time 6.5 ms
    Humidity 10% ~ 80%
  • Connectivity
    Audio input Stereo Mini Jack
    HDMI input Yes
    Input IR Yes
    USB 1x 2.0
    Audio output Stereo Mini Jack
    RS232 Output Yes
    Video output HDMI

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