DarkFight Hikvision People Counting Sensor


People-counting sensor with DarkFight for quota entry management even in low light conditions.


Dimensions (W×H×D) Φ140 × 123 mm
Package Weight 1.4 kg
Unit weight 0.94 kg
Cam resolution 1080p
Humidity 95% or less

Price: 829,00 € + vat

Exports are VAT free within the EEC to VAT registered buyers.

Shipping Availability delivery within 10 days

Or starting from 28,31€ + vat for 36 months with Grenke

Warranty 3 years Certified warranty


This sensor placed at the entrance busy places such as shopping malls, cafeterias or stations makes it possible to keep track of the number of people inside. It is ideal for managing restricted entrances so as to ensure maximum security for visitors and customers. Moreover, recordings are always clear thanks to the DarkFight hardware. This, in fact, is capable of returning images up to 60 fps in both night and daytime shooting while always maintaining the right color balance even in backlight. All at a full HD resolution.

  • Mechanical specs
    Power supply DC 12V
    Package Weight 1.4 kg
    Unit weight 0.94 kg
    Humidity 95% or less

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