Enclosure Outdoor Portrait 55″ Moai Safe


Outdoor steel enclosure. Defend your digital signage 24/7.


Dimensions (W×H×D) 850 x 1360 x 160 mm

Price: € 3.456,00 + vat

Exports are VAT free within the EEC to VAT registered buyers.

Shipping Availability delivery within 20 days

Or starting from 111,56€ + vat for 36 months with Grenke

Warranty 1 anno Certified warranty


Durable and secure steel enclosure that protects your screen from water and dust. What’s more, the box defends your monitors from vandalism thanks to laminated security glass. The same one that prevents overheating damage. Another strength of the Moai Safe is the reprogrammable lock. This means that if you decide to replace your current key with a completely different one, you can do so without having to change the entire lock. Ideal for large public areas such as airports, stations and stadiums. Monitor not included.

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